Friday, June 30, 2017

#pimpmybio PitchWars 2017


Hi! I’m Julia. Nice to meet you. Let me tell you about myself.


The first book I ever wrote was a….software manual!

I’ve been lucky enough to write professionally in various capacities since 2001. But as I say in my queries, fiction is what gets me through the lunch hours and witching hours. 


I have a job in advertising.

Yes, like Mad Men. Minus the affairs and crazy gender inequality. Ok, both of those still exist on some level, but I refuse to acknowledge either! And I don’t wear a suit. I also don’t smoke. So then nothing like Mad Men.


Married, 2 kids, Denver, 50s ranch home, chocolate > vanilla


Jane Austen
For her realistic characters, depth of romance, humor and obsession with hypochondriacs. I’ve read Persuasion more than 12 times, once on a flip phone. 

Jane Austen

P.G. Wodehouse
For his clever turns of phrase, screwball comedy and interesting characters with unabashedly selfish motivations. 

Author, P.G. Wodehouse

IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, I love modern fiction too. I’m not a total snob. Here are some of my favorite books written in recent times (anything during my lifetime is recent━don’t you dare tell me otherwise. I’m not old, dammit!): Fangirl, The Night Circus, To Say Nothing of the Dog, The Scorpio Races and Portuguese Irregular Verbs.


I love reading Sanditon completion stories. This is Jane Austen’s unfinished novel that has been “finished” by many other people. It’s like a choose your own adventure! Some of these are terrible (because let’s face it; you have to be kind of pretentious to attempt this) and that’s part of the fun. Like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for books fun! This one is actually amazing and the author handles it very gracefully.


I thought it would be fun to take the premise of His Girl Friday and make it my own!
His Girl Friday

The blurb (new and improved coming out of Pitch Wars!)

Journalist Samantha Hale would rather live off cereal and carrot sticks than freelance for her cheater-McCheater ex-boyfriend, Tor Mackelroy. But it’s been two months since she’s had a decent byline, rent is past due, and Tor just offered her the chance to blow the lid off the biggest charity embezzlement scandal Denver’s ever seen. Too bad she’s never been able to resist a juicy exclusive—or him.

As the investigation heats up, so does the couple’s old flame. Between crashing charity galas and contracting hackers-for-hire, Sam can’t decide what holds the biggest mystery—the nonprofit’s missing funds or the man who broke her heart. The more time they spend together, the more she questions exactly what happened the night she found another woman draped all over him.

When evidence points to Tor’s father’s guilt, finding the truth goes hand-in-hand with destroying the family of the only man she ever loved. Only time will tell if her new-found faith in Tor—and humanity—will be enough to give this rebooted romance a second chance.

Complete at 77,000 words, EAT YOUR HEART OUT, TOR MACKELROY is a romantic comedy inspired by the classic 1940’s film, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, and will appeal to fans of THE HATING GAME.

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