Monday, December 17, 2012

Blog beginnings

Yay, my blog is done and ready! What kind of posts can you expect here? It will very much like the title of my blog suggests. In other words, there will be three general categories.

I'm a writer by profession, plus an aspiring novelist, so look for interesting writerly finds. Like what? Like...aqua notes! Or book reviews. Or links to awesome online seminars. Or user tested tips.

This is less simple to define, but it has to do with a general lack of attention span when pursuing the first category. My mind tends to wander. Yes, I should be trying to map my novel's subplot or some such thing, but LOOK, SQUIRREL! ALSO, PET ROCKS! You get the idea.

What if I bought this book, sold my house and built a mega tiny house from the profits and could live without a mortgage? It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anyway, if any of this dribble sounds interesting to you or if you can tell you are a kindred spirit. Or if you know the origin of the term kindred spirit, follow me!