Monday, November 27, 2017

5 of the Best Writing Podcasts

Writing in Real Life
If you're a parent and a writer, this is the podcast for you! Covering the topics of parenthood, publishing and marriage, the episodes speak to everything I think about on a daily basis as a mom and aspiring writer. I binged-listened to all the episodes and may have written an embarrassingly long fan letter. Hosted by real-life married couple: Morgan Baden (VP of Communications at Scholastic) and Barry Lyga (New York Times Bestselling Author).

What a breath of fresh air! Best-selling and award-winning authors, Danielle Trusooni and Walter Kern provide an uncensored glimpse of publishing from the perspective of published writers. From bad editor experiences to the perils/benefits of working in New York City, these two never hold back. When you listen to a lot of writing podcasts, you start to hear the same slant on various topics, but these hosts never fail to bring a new and genuine outlook to the table.

This podcast is fairly new (only 11 episodes), but it's off to a great start! Hosted by Jennifer Laughran, Senior Literary Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, each episode features a guest expert who answers questions on a given topic. Jennifer usually opens with a pub tip before launching into the interviews.

88 Cups of Tea
Warning: this podcast comes with an entire community! Listen for interviews with authors, storytellers and agents from various walks of life. Host Yin Chang asks compelling and sometimes unexpected questions that keep listeners listening. Join the Facebook group to learn about upcoming episodes and submit questions for Yin to ask on air!

Print Run
Hosted by agents at Red Sofa Literary, Laura Zats and Erik Hane, this podcast covers a variety of publishing topics, many times taken from the latest headlines. However, the best parts are the semi-irregular segments entitled the James Patterson Book of the Week and (I'm going to get this title wrong), Author Under Investigation by the FBI of the Week. You can also enjoy special query and first page episodes when you join as a patreon listener.

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash