Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Free Writing Resources on YouTube

I used to have this thing against YouTube. I pretty much saw it like the slushpile for the late and not so great America's Funniest Home Videos. Silly cats. Giggling babies. Viral dance videos. Rinse. Repeat. Blah.

Then I magically saw the light! YouTube is awesome for countless reasons. And if you're a writer, there are many videos you might find helpful. Here are some of my favorites:

1. FREE WEBINAR: Revising a Novel They Can't Put Down
The Writers Digest channel posts many helpful snippets on different topics and most of the videos are under ten minutes long. This one, however, is a full webinar from James Scott Bell, author of Plot & Structure. The video is over an hour in length so make sure you have time to watch. I'm sure a group of students paid good money for this webinar, but now it's free!

Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer, has many videos covering the topics discussed in her books. Sometimes she's in a garden, on a mountain or by the beach. Frankly, her choice of settings can be a little distracting, but she has some great content that's worth wading through.

3. HOW A BOOK IS MADE with Lauren Oliver
This series of videos was posted to the HarperKids channel. It's somewhat of a promotional series for Lauren Oliver's book, The Spindlers, but it does give an interesting look into the making of a book and the publishing process.

Jackson Pearce is the author of Sisters Red, Purity and many other titles. Her videos discuss everything from outlining to critique partners to naming characters (as seen below).

This video is inspirational, not instructional, but I love love love it!

So...that's it! Those are my 5 faves. Do you have more to add to the list? Do you turn to YouTube for this type of content?