Thursday, August 15, 2013

WriteOnCon at your own pace

If you were working full time/on vacation/forgot and didn't attend WriteOnCon this week and now you're feeling like you missed out, DON'T. The beautiful thing about WriteOnCon is not all the benefits require real-time attendance.

If you missed it, why not experience the content at your own pace? (Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.)

Google+ Hangouts
This year, WriteOnCon had several Google Hangout sessions with agents and editors critiquing queries, pitches and first pages. While you can no longer submit your content for possible critique, as soon as the Google Hangout is over, it becomes a full YouTube video. You can watch the entire presentation from the beginning, pause it--and even fast forward if need be. Check them out:

Twitter Pitches with Literary Agents Danielle Smith and Tamar Rydzinski 
This video is split into two halves:
  • Danielle Smith is looking for picture books, chapter books & middle grade
  • Tamar Rydzinski is looking for almost anything except paranormal and holocaust
Twitter Pitches with Literary Agents Mackenzie Brady and Duvall Osteen
Both agents are looking for YA, specifically: realistic (contemporary), mystery/thriller, issue-driven and non-fiction

Twitter Pitches with Literary Agents Suzie Townsend and Kathleen Ortiz
They are looking for anything from middle grade to new adult.

Twitter Pitches with Spencer Hill Press editors Danielle Ellison and Patricia Riley
These editors want YA, anything realistic (contemporary) and/or speculative fiction.

First Page Feedback with Literary Agent Marietta Zacker
This agent is all things kids lit!

The best thing about these sessions is that you can get a an idea of individual agent tastes. If you have one of these agents on your query list, you'll want to listen in, real time or not!

Live chats
There were also some live chats with agents and editors that you can replay and read at your own pace. Just click on the links and scroll.

Live Chat with Editors Andrew Harwell, Sarah Dotts Barley and Agent Lindsay Ribar

Live Chat with Agents Sarah la Polla, Katie Grimm, Brooks Sherman and Victoria Marini

This is just the beginning of the content available. View all content here for the 2013 WriteOnCon. You can also dip into the archives for previous years: 2012, 2011, 2010. Just keep in mind that information about trends may be dated.

Tip! If you missed out on your chance to ask an agent a question, keep an eye out for agents using the #askagent hashtag on Twitter. This goes on all year round!

The forums
The forums are definitely the most important part of the real-time WriteOnCon experience. You can post your query, first 250 words and first five pages and gain peer critiques. If you missed it, browse through the forums and read the comments left by ninja agents (literary agents who went under cover and made comments/made MS requests). And be sure to participate next year, since you can post whenever you have time and don't necessarily have to be active during the day if you have other obligations.

Tip! If you need help with your query, you may also try submitting to Query Shark

So that's it! Don't miss out on this great content. Take it in at your own pace. All the Google Hangout videos above can also be found on my YouTube playlist, YouTube Writing Resources.